} Hello world!

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

I fell in love with the fabric the moment I saw it. There it was, on the bolt and carelessly left on the table of Joann’s Crafts. The vintage sketches of my favorite superheroes called to me, and I immediately snatched up the bolt of Marvel Comics ‘Avengers’ fabric and bought every last inch of it! Now, what to sew with it? WP_20130911_003

With life and procrastination as my barriers, it took months for me to get around to sewing with my prized fabric find. Newly married and enjoying all of my new kitchen gadgets and toys, I decided to make the best apron I’d ever own; an apron to match my beloved Iron Man spatula and quirky personality. So, I pulled out my favorite apron and used it to make a pattern, and succeeded in creating my favorite apron yet (and if you’ve seen my collection, you’d know it’s quite the competition)!

The scraps sat in my fabric bin for a few months more before I decided to repeat this process with one of my favorite purses. Using the same complementary black polka print, I pieced together a purse that represented me and some of the things (and super heroes!) I love. Once finished, I used the purse proudly and received many comments and compliments. That’s the moment when it really all began.

As I carried around my nerdy purse, I had several people encourage me to take my hobby and love of design to a new level and make it a small business. Here I am a month later, buried knee-deep in fabric, interfacing, elastic and pins, and I couldn’t be happier! With two months left to prepare, I’m excited to announce the launch of ‘KMH Creations’–my new line of custom-made and hand-crafted clothing, accessories and housewares!

In the coming two months, I will officially launch my new Etsy shop, The Miss and Me, and will be debuting my products at the Salt Lake City 2014 Comic Con at the Salt Palace in September. (Of course, I won’t exclusively cater to the Comic Con crowd with my products, but the event’s given me the push I needed to start this business.) Please check back often for updates of new products, upcoming events, and tips, tricks or tutorials I find along the way. Thank you all for your support as I start this exciting new project (ahem, business)!