} New Home Remodel Coming Soon!

Just this week, my husband and I purchased our first home! It’s a darling split entry built back in 1977. While the former owners did some incredible work with the house and the deck, there’s still so much room for me to finally put all of my DIY and remodeling ideas to work! IMG_0656

At first glance, here’s what’s on my DIY wishlist:

  • Remodel ALL THREE bathrooms from top to bottom
  • Add interior brick accent walls
  • Create a shared workspace for my sewing room and my husband’s office (this might be the biggest challenge yet!)
  • Finish the laundry room (who can clean their clothes in a room without walls and a ceiling?!)
  • and Build our new furniture (and I mean building ALL of the furniture! We’re starting from scratch, so the wishlist here is pretty long…)

We’re working on a tight budge, and 99.9% of new homeowners are, so I look forward to the challenge of finding inexpensive ways to maximize the results, and share with you precisely how we do it!