} Freezer Meal Challenge

I couldn’t say how many times a day I hear from everyone around me that they wish they were healthier or ate better. I couldn’t say how many times a day I think it to myself or hear my husband say it. But it’s never too late to start; it’s never too late to make a change.

Since I’m a big believer in making change at life’s turning points or signification occasions, I decided to take our move into our first home to really commit to having a healthier supply of meals and snacks in my home. And, as I always do when looking for suggestions of how to start one of my ambitious projects, I took to researching the Internet for some professional advice. readyforthefreezer1-1024x593-600x347

I found and instantly fell in love with this amazing blog all about freezer meal preparations, with some great recipes and meal plans that are so easy for anyone to follow! The author, Kelly McNellis, breaks down the basic principles, and gives some great FREE meal plans to get you started. She also has three wonderful cookbooks that I strongly recommend!

So, I picked two separate meal plans (a total of 14 recipes), and took to the store. I must have picked my time wisely because all the meat I needed was on incredible sales for the July 4th holiday! (A true testament that BBQ is the best way to celebrate America.)

After coupons and sales, I walked out having spent $165 at the grocery store. (I must admit, I’m in the middle of moving and have everything packed but my slow cooker, so I bought $15 worth of slow cooker liners–perhaps one of the best inventions ever–to eliminate any clean up after each meal.)

I spent the next few hours following Kelly’s recipes and preparing my freezer meals. With just the two of us in our family, I was able to split each recipe in half. After $150 and roughly 5 hours of work (shopping included), we had a freezer full of 28 delicious recipes ready to drop in the slow cooker and go!

This experience has inspired me to do this (perhaps on a smaller scale) 1-2 times each month, and start a swap group with some friends. I’ll share my recipes and meal plans to continue to spread the freezer-meal-prep love with everyone!10-freezer-meals-for-new-moms

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