About KMHCreations

Twitter_FacebookBannerWhether it’s sewing, photography, cooking or other DIY projects, I love creating things and having a tangible result in the end! Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day…you name it, and I was creating gifts for family and loved ones that would allow me to get creative, and give them something completely unique. Perhaps more than the joy I get out of the design and development process, I just love sharing my end results with those around me.

KMHCreations was an idea born out of taking some simple fabric and sewing myself some simple accessories and housewares, but why keep it all to myself? With the second annual Salt Lake City Comic Con in September 2014, I had the perfect motivator to jump start my business, as well as the perfect inspiration to get creative with my designs and really challenge my innovation. Since May I have been gathering supplies and ideas to gear up for the event, but I have no intention of stopping with Comic Con!

In Fall 2014, I will launch my Etsy shop to buyers everywhere–not just those at Comic Con! My shop will feature purses and bags of all kinds and sizes, shirts and aprons, housewares, jewelry and hair accessories and so much more! (I’ve even had requests for a line of baby items or pet supplies–the sky is the limit!) Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a gift, I hope you’ll visit my shop to see all I have to offer (and if there’s something specific you have in mind, I hope you’ll place a custom order)!